Medicaid Law Center - Services Offered

Comprehensive Assessment

We offer a comprehensive Community Medicaid assessment or a comprehensive Institutional Medicaid assessment of an applicant's potential qualification for Medicaid services.

In Office Consultation

Prior to the onset of services, the Medicaid Law Center provides a thirty minute free in- office consultation. The consultation is designed to identify problem areas unique to the applicant and possible ways in which we can assist.

Comprehensive Crisis Plan Development

The Medicaid Law Center establishes a unique and individualized Medicaid application process customized to the applicant's individual needs. We suggest a comprehensive plan and time frame for the application of Medicaid services and estimate the Medicaid pick-up date for those services.


We advise our clients and their loved ones on how to establish a Medicaid qualification and how to do so in order to retain the maximum amount of financial assets they are entitled to under the law. We advise our clients on how to obtain the best results that can be achieved in a particular instance. We employ the correct Medicaid qualification criteria based upon whether the client is single, or married, and are looking for community based or institutional services.

Qualified Income Trusts

The Medicaid Law Center offers a variety of solutions to our client's Medicaid planning and implementation problems. These include: Medicaid planning, Medicaid crisis planning, Medicaid Applications and Qualified Income trusts.

The Medicaid Law Center can make application for our clients to a Medicaid Qualified Income Trusts which is an excess income 'Pool Trusts' offered by a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Corporation that shelter income of the Medicaid Applicant that exceeds the $845 per month statutory threshold. The net income is calculated as $845 - a $20 disregard = $825 of monthly income amounts over which must be sheltered to qualify for Medicaid.

Bills can be sent to the Pool Trust Office and paid directly on behalf of the Medicaid beneficiary if the funds are used for the 'sole benefit' of the Medicaid recipient.

Home Care Services

Services under a Community Medicaid or home care program are capped so Medicaid will only approve them when it costs 75% or less than a nursing home stay. The Attorneys at Medicaid Law Center help clients evaluate the cap and meet the 'Spend-Down' requirements with payment to the Home Care Agency/Managed care program until the Pool Trust is approved and in place

Ongoing Case Management

Through our attorneys, we can supplement the Medicaid application process with a variety of ongoing trust and legal services designed to offer a continuing shield of asset protection to the community spouse and or dependent children.

Fair Hearings

As part of an ongoing and comprehensive Medicaid application process, our attorneys assist our clients with support in a multitude of ways. In the event that a client needs to assert their rights to an unfavorable Medicaid decision, we can apply for a 'Fair Hearing' for our client. We assist our clients in interpreting decisions made by a local social services agency and help them determine whether the decision was right or wrong. We will appear on our client's behalf in front of an Administrative Law Judge from the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability assistance and effectively advocate their position.


The Medicaid Law Center is available to assist clients and their loved ones with the recertification process that must occur annually on the anniversary date of the granting of Medicaid services. Whether we did the original application or not, we have the ability to collect the correct financial information and to apply it to the current year's criteria in order to update a client's Medicaid certification.

For Community Medicaid Applicants

The Medicaid Law Center takes an in depth look at the physical environment of the applicant and provides recommendations for improving the safety of the home environment and the likelihood of that the home environment and support group of the client and the services to be rendered will be successful. Recommendations are made in order for the client to remain in the home and receive Medicaid services as long as practicable.

Resource Referral Services

We evaluate the needs of each client, and provide recommendations for needed services, based upon a thorough knowledge of the local healthcare industry and its offerings.

We have a variety of resources to assist clients and their families choose an institutional facility that is a 'good fit' for the applicant and their loved ones.

Article 78 Proceedings

At the Medicaid Law Center, our attorneys are prepared to bring an Article 78 Proceeding to enforce compliance with a Fair Hearing Decision, or to defend from a County Lawsuit. The Article 78 Proceeding must be brought within four months of the date of the Fair Hearing Decision.

Serving the following Counties, including their Cities, Towns & Villages: Bronx, Dutchess, Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, and Westchester.