Qualified Income Trusts

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Qualified Income Trusts

First Step:

Certain Medicaid applicants can get Medicaid even though their income is over the statutory limit. Applicants can 'meet' their 'spend down' requirement by getting billed for home care. They will be billed for the amount by which their income exceeds the applicable income limit.

Second Step:

This step can be commenced at the same time as the Medicaid application, this step is to enroll in a pooled income trust. A pooled income trust is a type of Supplemental Needs Trust operated by a non-profit organization for the benefit of a person with disabilities. There are a number of these types of pooled trusts throughout NY. Each has their own fee structure for minimum deposits, fees and policies. The paper work varies, hoever, it involves the submission of the following:

A Joinder Agreement

A copy of the beneficiary's Social Security Award letter.

Guaranteed funds payable to the pooled income trust for the initial deposit.

To determine the amount of income you need to contribute to the Pool Trust use this worksheet:

Third Step:

Notify Medicaid you have a pooled trust.You will need to give DSS the following:

A. Proof of SNT by showing:

The Master Trust Agreement

The joinder Agreement

Verification of Deposits made to the pooled trust

Acceptance letter

B. Proof of Disability

If you have been approved for SSDI or SSI you need to produce a copy of your disability SSA Award Letter.

Otherwise you need:

DSS-486T Medical Report Determination of Disability

DSS-1151- Disability Questionnaire

LDSS-1151 Disability Questionnaire continuation sheet

MAO-7510 Authorization for Disclosure for Individual Health Information

OCA official form 960- NY State HIPPA

A cover letter

Fourth Step:

Follow up- home care cases: 929-221-2493

non-home care cases: 929-221-0868